We even repair castles!

We even repair castles

Optera, were engaged by Insurers to consider options to stabilise the turret on the corner of the grade II listed coach house to the Blithfield Hall estate.

The turret was destabilised by contractors working on a scheme for a deep pumping station installation. The subsequent movement within the turret has been significant, with cracks at the top of the 11m high structure now 120mm wide. The severity of the damage requires the structure to be taken down and rebuilt on a piled raft.

Working with our sister company, William Hunt Consulting who have organised listed building consent, detailed designs, surveys and a build over agreement.

Works will start shortly to take down the existing structure and reconstruct the turret, which despite its appearance is a later decorative addition to the coach house. The structure is built of brickwork with mock stone blocks scribed into the NHL render. Agreement has been reached to reinstate in a similar construction due to their low impact on surrounding infrastructure and property.