Significant structural movement

Optera were called upon to investigate a significant structural movement that suddenly occurred to a large property in Northamptonshire. Our investigation team attended and undertook diamond core cutting through the ground floor slab.

Strong carbon vapours were released from the floor and water mixed with oil was seen entering the boreholes An investigation externally identified oil contamination running under the property and entering through an oversized void in the external wall. It was established that the leak had contaminated the ground, that was then saturated by the burst water main giving a vehicle to move quickly under the property The oil acted as solvent to the floor insulation casing it to dissolve. The result was a sudden loss of support and dropping of the slab causing cracking to the dividing walls they were built upon it. Optera set to work on the huge task of removing all contaminated soil from beneath the house and grounds surrounding it. Working closely with our partnered environmentalist all works were closely supervised to fully determine the extent of decontamination. Once clear of contaminants the internal core of the property was fully reinstated and sympathetically restored to its original finish.

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