Thinking green For us this is about challenging our business in all areas to become eco-conscious and eco-efficient: to adapt our ways of working to reflect our strong commitment to limiting our impact on the environment wherever possible. This is our ‘thinking green’.

Thinking green

It is widely acknowledged that the construction industry needs to reduce its impact on the environment in terms of both waste and carbon emissions. At Optera we recognise our responsibility and are tackling this head-on by looking at all elements of the business.

Our commitment to thinking green has so far seen policies introduced which actively help the environment by reducing our carbon footprint and waste and we are continuing to work with environmental experts to take further steps to ensure we are ecologically responsible.

Reducing landfill waste

We recycle as much of our waste as possible and use recycled or sustainable materials where practical for our projects and offices.

Smart job planning

Our jobs are carefully planned to improve coordination of site deliveries, minimise journeys and save fuel. Our ambition is to increase the number of electric or hybrid vehicles in our fleet.

Take a look at us in action

It is said a video is worth a million words, at Optera we couldn’t agree with this more. The videos below showcase some of our more interesting projects.

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