Superstructure intervention We directly employ a team of skilled and fully qualified tradesmen, supported by contracts managers. We ensure that we undertake high quality repairs to every property.

Superstructure intervention

Optera have been providing the industry with superstructure intervention for 20 years and we are proud of our reputation as leaders in this field. Depending on the scale of the damage we are able to offer homeowners either professional, long-lasting repairs to existing buildings or, where necessary, our teams can demolish and rebuild structures ranging from porches and conservatories to entire houses.


Optera’s team of skilled trades complete professional repairs to properties which have been stabilised following substructure engineering intervention or once the cause has been mitigated by vegetation removal or drainage repairs. As leaders in superstructure intervention, Optera not only have the skills to stabilise and tie a building back together, but also to provide professional finishes to all projects.

Using industry-leading products from companies including Thor Helical Remedial and Weber, we can provide robust masonry reinforcement by either crack stitching, masonry beaming or the provision of lateral restraint ties. Our in-house design team routinely provide solutions which increase the structural rigidity within a property to help resist further tensile failure within the fabric. Our skilled site staff provide professional plastering, decorating, bathroom and kitchen refits as necessary.

Demolition and reconstruction

In some instances, where damage to a property is either so long standing and widespread or sudden and catastrophic, the only course of action is to take down and rebuild the affected structure. Optera have extensive experience in these situations and our multi-disciplinary team can offer a multi-stage service covering: planning, building control, health and safety, controlled demolition, new foundation works and full reconstruction, including associated groundworks.

Whilst more frequently these operations are connected to porches and conservatories, Optera are experienced house builders and no project is too large for our skills.

Other core services

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