Drainage works Optera complete professional repairs at the time of our investigation or by returning to larger problems. Our intervention often avoids the costly and unnecessary expense of underpinning.

Drainage works

Defects within drainage are a common cause of subsidence damage within domestic buildings. Optera have experienced teams at our disposal ready to carry out an initial investigation and either complete professional repairs to the damage immediately or arrange to return to larger problems.

As industry leaders in drainage works, we are routinely called in to look once again at pipework where leaks have purportedly already been repaired, but where properties are still moving and underpinning has been proposed as the only solution. Our diligent teams are often able to investigate and identify the ongoing pipework problems and carry out professional repairs, thereby avoiding the need to underpin. This has huge benefits in terms of reducing cost and disruption to the homeowner as well as reducing the overall environmental impact of the works.

Optera are also able to tackle larger problems which occur less frequently but which require more specialist equipment and knowledge. Our range of experience includes repair and replacement of sceptic tanks/cess pits, cellular tank soak away systems and large diameter culverts.

Optera’s highly skilled teams have undertaken repairs to pipes in excess of 6.0m below ground level, using specialist temporary works equipment and long-reach excavators to undertake these complex works, which would normally be the preserve of more expensive civil engineering companies.

Other core services

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