Optera raise the roof in Bromley

Optera were recently approached to undertake structural lifting on a double garage in Bromley. Constructed on a raft foundation, the underlying strata was brick rubble over soft alluvial fill to approximately 4m below ground level. The garage had progressively distorted about the left hand side and large cracks had developed across the rear elevation and a crack developed across the floor.
Our engineers assessed the scheme and elected to drive 5 steel cased piles around the left hand side and rear of the garage with r.c pads formed under the existing raft. Using our specialist lifting equipment, we raised the garage a maximum of 70mm about the rear left hand corner, closing the cracks from a maximum 40mm to the original 10mm joints. Additionally, the distortions across the floor slab were all but removed and the crack, cut out, dowelled and reformed in reinforced concrete. External cracks within the garage were cut out and repointed the worst areas reinforced with Thor Heliforce bars and W60 grout. Due to the longstanding distortions within the rear window, insurers elected to replace the frame but having squared the aperture, the replacement was an easy fit. The entire garage work took 5 days to complete and cost £12K. We estimate the cost of rebuilding a double garage with fibreglass roof on a new piled raft to be in the region of £40K.
In addition, the insured and her technical representative are delighted with the results.

After – The garage is level and the distortions and gaps around the window reveal have closed