Southampton Waterfront Property Repairs

We are currently engaged in repairing a property near the waterfront in Southampton which has been the subject of extensive investigation and monitoring. No pattern of foundation movement was detected but during our won inspection, it was evident that the walls had a pronounce bulge about the roof plate, indicative of roof spread. We recommended to the client and subsequently got agreement that the property was suffering from a nominal amount of roof spread and restraint issues. To counter this, Optera have designed and are in the process of installing a scheme of masonry beams, barrel wrapping the property to counter the lateral forces imposed bu the roof. The property would have originally had a comparatively lightweight slate covering but has been subsequently been recovered in heavy concrete tiles without any additional bracing within the roof. Such issues are common in turn of the century property and are easily identifiable. Engineers at Optera, designed the masonry reinforcement scheme, using Thor Helical Remedial technology:
We are in the process of installing the beams at the moment using specialist dust free cutting equipment. The saw has a twin bladed cutter which cuts a neat slot at 10mm, ensuring that it removes all of the mortar within the bed joint and the debris is contained within specialist dust extraction equipment. The result is clean and dust free slots. The success of any repair of this nature is the preparation.